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Where can I use my bar soap? 

Anywhere on the body or face! External use only!

If I have dark spots or discoloration on my face which bar or product should I use?

Any thing with the word "Brighten" in it.

I have oily and or dry skin which bar should I use? 

The oatmeal and honey bar! It is a versatile soap which soaks up the excess oil, and treats dry skin.

What order do you recommend I use my products in?

Soap(s), Toner, Mask, and Moisturizer.

Will the Turmeric in the "Brighten Bar" dry out my skin?

Yes it will if it is overused. Turmeric is a harsh ingredient, but make sure you pair a moisturizer with your bar.


How long is shipping?

All orders are shipped within 4-6 business days.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes! Welcome to Skyncare!

Can I cancel my order once it is placed?

Once your order is placed, you cannot cancel it. No exceptions!

What if I input the wrong address?

Unfortunately, The customer will have to pay all shipping costs again and the order will go out with the next batch of shipments.