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Please beware of sharp edges on soap packaging, this would result in a small scratch. External use only!  Do not put products near eyes or any other sensitive area. If put in eyes flush out with cold water. If any allergic reaction, rash or skin irritation occurs discontinue to use and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Product posting portrayal is for educational purposes only, not intended to supplant A doctors proposal. Our products are not endorsed by the FDA. Our items are made with characteristic fixings And it isn't to be utilized other than for expressed purposes. Our items are not made to fix any kind of maladies so please counsel your specialist and confirm that it won't meddle with any ailments, pregnancy, nursing, or something else. In the event that any irritation occurs, please cease utilization of the items. Skyncare isn't held at risk for any item abuse. Although our products are handcrafted with natural ingredients, only our SOAPS are hypoallergenic.